Three Awesome and Not-So-Average Alternative Pets

Written by Jaime Fawcett

Seva Man is feeling a little lonely. Moving around from city to city with every launch is a lonely life style. He wants a companion. The question is: what kind?

He’s always been partial to huskies, with those big, beautiful, blue eyes, maybe because they remind him of his best bud Stephen Gardner. But, also like Steve, they’re too big, messy, and slobbery. No offense.

Plus, Seva Man is too innovative for mere puppies. He represents groundbreaking Seva Call, after all. So the team came up with some killer alternative pets which the founders would just love prowling around equipment.

So here are the three coolest (and craziest) pets I can only hope will grace Seva Man and the Seva Call staff with their presence and companionship.

So allegedly, when you take this life-threatening beast…

And mix it with this squeals-threatening beast…

You get this.

This is a Savannah Cat, a mix between an African Serval and a domesticated house cat.

It’s basically everything I’ve ever wanted in a pet. It’s large, super friendly, and has a very sweet temperament. Basically, between it and Seva Man’s trips, it could sleep under my desk and nuzzle me for snacks, which I would quickly oblige.

However, one of these hybrids can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $40,000. I don’t think that’s quite in Seva Man’s budget.

Three Awesome and Not-So-Average Alternative Pets - Seva Call

Yeah, okay, I know this one is kind of gross. But, don’t lie to me; you’ve always wanted to see one of these in real life. And touch it. And maybe put it down the shorts of that kid who shoved you everyday at first grade recess.

Just look at it! It’s basically the ninja of bugs. These suckers, when large enough, could probably gouge your eyes out. Plus, some species can spit poison and bite.

So maybe not the safest option. But, it would definitely look awesome flying around with Seva Man in a blue Seva Call cape.

Three Awesome and Not-So-Average Alternative Pets - Seva Call

Ahhh, a happy medium between cuddly and minutely dangerous.

I’m pretty sure hedgehogs spend most of their time sleeping. But, I can just imagine sticking Harriet the hedgehog in a hamster ball and letting her roll around the office. She’s small, easy to manage, and people will throng to see the wonder that is Harriet the hedgehog. She’s the perfect traveling buddy for Seva Man.

Seva Man, it looks like we’ve got some options to sift through *coughsavannahcatcough* but, I’m sure we will find you the best companion available. And, when looking for the best local veterinarian available, crawl, fly, and skitter your way over to TalkLocal.

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