Types of Air Conditioner Filters: Electrostatic

Types of Air Conditioner Filters: Electrostatic - Heating and Cooling

Air conditioning systems are indispensable pieces of equipment in most houses, especially during summertime. If you’re considering changing your AC unit or installing a new one, you need to pay attention to the filters, as the effectiveness of your device depends on them to a large extent. As you probably know, conventional AC units require periodic filter replacement to work properly.

What If You Wouldn’t Have to Change Air Conditioner Filters Repeatedly?

There are types of air conditioner filters, such as electrostatic, for instance, that make this possible. Of the many types of filters, the electrostatic filters are increasingly popular due to their features and benefits.

How Do Electrostatic Filters Work?

The fibers used in the air filter are designed in such a way as to generate a static charge when air comes through them. Electrostatic air filters work like a magnet, attracting the particles in the air due to the negative-positive polarity between the fibers in the filter and the elements they come into contact with.

Why These Types of Air Conditioner Filters Are a Better Option

1. You don’t need to replace them. Electrostatic filters don’t need to be replaced. Although initial installation costs may be higher, periodic replacement of filters won’t be required.

2. They are environmentally friendly. With electrostatic filters you don’t have to buy new filters from time to time and throw away the old ones. This reduces waste and is better for the environment.

3. You can have clearer air in your house. Unlike conventional air filters, such as the fiberglass ones, electrostatic filters can absorb very small particles. People suffering from asthma or those prone to allergies are more sensitive to dust-laden environments. Electrostatic filters keep the air clean and fresh.

4. They are cost-effective. Electrostatic filters prevent dust from accumulating in the components of your air conditioning unit. A cleaner system lasts longer and is more efficient, which means that you will spend less money on repairs.

Need HVAC Help?

By checking and cleaning your AC unit regularly, you prevent potential and unexpected breakdowns while ensuring that you breathe fresh and clean air. This way, you protect both your investment and your health. TalkLocal can save you the trouble of finding a qualified HVAC professional in your area. All you need to do is log on to our website and ask for help. It’s free.

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