How to Prepare for a Blackout

How to Prepare for a Blackout - Electricians

Rolling blackouts usually happen during summer, when demand greatly outstrips supply. Prolonged power outages can also occur when electrical lines are knocked out during bad weather. Whether planned or not, don’t be caught off-guard when the electricity goes out for hours. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a blackout:

– Have a flashlight on hand in every room in your house. Make sure there are fresh batteries available, too. Better yet, consider getting a shake flashlight that works without batteries.

– Invest in emergency lights. There are many options for emergency lighting, including battery-operated lamps, rechargeable LED lamps, and solar lamps.

– Keep candles and matches on hand. However, always use them with caution. Never use candles if there’s a risk of a gas leak inside your home.

– If you rely on electricity for your water supply, make sure you have in stock at least a gallon of water safe for drinking for every person in your household.

– If you’re on any medication that needs cold storage, you must have an ice chest handy and a frozen ice pack ready in your freezer.

– Always keep your vehicle’s gas tank full or at least half full, because gas station pumps are powered by electricity.

– Post the emergency phone number for your electric utility provider where it can easily be seen in case you need to report the power outage.

Other Supplies to Prepare:

– Non-perishable food

– Can opener

– Portable battery-operated radio

– First-aid kit and a 7-day supply of medication

– Personal care and sanitation supplies

– Extra cash

– Copies of important documents

– Emergency contact information

Preserving Food

A big concern during a power outage is food spoilage. Here’s how to prepare for a blackout, specifically to preserve perishable food:

– Keep several coolers handy in your home. Styrofoam coolers are cheap and work well to protect perishables.

– Prepare a supply of extra ice in your freezer so you can quickly place them in one of the coolers to chill food.

– Know where to buy ice in your area. Food will keep longer if you surround it with ice inside the cooler or the freezer.

– Purchase a fast-response food thermometer. This thermometer can quickly and precisely check the internal temperature of perishable food like meat, which should be at 40 degrees or below in order to be safe for eating.

Find an Electrician Fast!

By knowing how to prepare for a blackout, you can stay safe in your home and be as comfortable as you can until the power comes back. If the power outage is due to a failure in your electrical system, use TalkLocal to find a local, professional electrician to fix the problem. Send us your request through our website, and we’ll send you qualified professionals that match your needs.

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