Ideas For Remodeling A Basement: Lighting

Ideas For Remodeling A Basement: Lighting - Electricians

Finishing your basement is a dream come true for some homeowners. You’ll finally have your man cave, crafting room, or your movie suite. Then comes the realization that, while fixing up the lighting, you have no idea what to change.

Some ideas for remodeling a basement include different lighting effects that may prove to bring a unique touch to the room. Here are some examples.

Typical overhead lighting: Depending on how large your basement is, if you’re looking for overhead lighting that can illuminate the whole room, you’ll probably need florescent lighting. Florescent lighting is usually brighter than regular lighting, lasts longer, and saves about a third of the energy. These can also be installed throughout the ceiling of your basement to make the whole room light up according to your needs.

Stand-alone floor lamps: Especially if you’re looking to have a workstation or a movie room in your basement, investing in multiple stand-alone floor lamps can offer a unique and stylized lighting scheme for your basement. You can wire the electrical outlets to control the lamps with a single on/off switch or leave them all operating individually. This can provide extra light near your work station or the proper mood lighting for a movie.

Decorative hanging lights: These add another level of aesthetic value to your basement. You can pick a color scheme and then pick some decorative hanging lights to match. Whether you are interested in the Chinese hanging lanterns that offer a soft glow with a beautiful look, ceramic light fixtures with color schemes and patterns, or even something as simple as Christmas lights hanging around the ceiling, picking out decorative hanging lights can add more or less lighting as you see fit.

Always Be Cautious When Working With Electricity

You can always bounce your ideas for remodeling a basement off of a professional electrician to see if they are feasible. Once you figure out how you want to light your basement, you may need a professional to help you do it. TalkLocal can connect you with the local electricians that can get your basement lighting set up the way you want it.

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