Types of Building Wood

Types of Building Wood - Handyman

Wood is a very versatile material, with an incredible range of textures and densities, that is used in a wide range of applications, from construction to furniture. When using wood in any woodworking project, you need to choose first the type of wood that best suits your needs. Below is a basic overview of wood types.

Types of Building Wood

There are two main categories of wood: hardwood and softwood. These two terms do not necessarily refer to the hardness or softness of the wood. More exactly, the determining factor in distinguishing between these two types is not wood density, which is responsible for its durability. What separates hardwoods from softwoods is the fact that the former shed their leaves in winter, while the latter, broadly conifers or evergreens, keep their foliage throughout the year.

Wood Softness and Hardness

Softwoods, which have a lower density, are more flexible and can be bent more easily, while hardwoods are less elastic but more durable. Each kind of wood has a particular grain structure. Some woods, such as maple or cherry, have tight pores, which makes them smooth and neat. Other woods, like oak or walnut, have open pores, which absorb finish when it is applied. As a result, some parts of the wood may look darker and some lighter. With softwoods, the finish is more even because the surface is more uniform.

The strength and the appearance of a piece of furniture or construction work depend on the types of building wood. Every type of wood has its specific characteristics and properties. Here are some of the most used types of building wood.


– Pine

– Fir

– Cedar

They are a more cost-effective option in woodworking because evergreens grow faster than hardwoods.


– Birch

– Cherry

– Oak

They have a greater color, texture, and grain variety than softwoods. That is why the furniture pieces made of them are more beautiful. The problem is that they tend to be costly.

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