How to Clean Electrostatic Air Filters on Your Own in 3 Easy Steps

How to Clean Electrostatic Air Filters in 3 Easy Steps - Heating and Cooling

All of the appliances that we use around the house require a mandatory maintenance routine, which could be easily performed by any homeowner who has the time, patience, minimal skills, and a basic set of tools to complete this simple job. Electrostatic air filters are the key component of all electrostatic air cleaners, used to considerably improve indoor air quality and prevent a long list of health risks. These beneficial air cleaners trap small contaminants and remove them from our homes in a highly effective manner. In order to increase the lifespan of your air cleaner, it is recommended to clean electrostatic air filters regularly.

Keep in mind that a superficial cleaning process can get you into a lot of trouble, minimizing filter effectiveness and even potentially damaging essential components of your ventilation system. Experts advise homeowners to remove impurities deposited on the surface of their electrostatic air filter every 4 or 5 weeks in order to avoid troublesome dirt buildup. Read on to find out how to clean electrostatic air filters in 3 simple steps.

1. Remove the electrostatic filter from your ventilation system.

Start by removing the filthy air filter from your air cleaning system and take it outside, where you could easily clean it using a vacuum and a garden hose. First, use the vacuum equipped with an extremely soft brush to get rid of lint accumulations and other impurities fast and effortlessly.

Afterward, spray the entire area with water using your garden hose, following a trajectory that should be diametrically opposed to the one described by the air flow. Opt for a moderate water pressure to avoid damaging your electrostatic filter.

2. Use a highly effective electrostatic cleaner and rinse thoroughly.

In some cases, the soft vacuum brush and the water flow might fail to provide the desirable results. In this case, it is recommended that you rely on a high-quality electrostatic cleaner, effective enough to help you get rid of stubborn impurities. Spread the cleaning solution using your brush and then rinse the filter thoroughly.

3. Drain the filter properly, let it dry naturally, and then put it back inside your air cleaner.

Let your electrostatic filter dry naturally, in a leaning position; then simply place it back inside your electrostatic air cleaner and turn it on to see if it functions properly.

Need HVAC Help?

Don’t forget to clean electrostatic air filters meticulously every month, following these 3 simple steps to keep your device running like new for a longer period of time. Also, if you lack the time, the tools, or the skills required to complete this task, count on TalkLocal to find a reputable air filter expert who could handle this matter in a cost- and time-effective manner.

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