HVAC System Types: Split System

HVAC System Types: Split System - Heating and Cooling

It is safe to say that everyone wants to keep their home or office cool during the brutal heat of the summer. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget or skill to install a full-scale air conditioning system to achieve those cooler temperatures.

This is why a split system is one of the popular HVAC system types.

What Is A Split System?

Most of you probably can picture what a window air conditioning unit looks like. That is one form of a split system HVAC system.

Similar to some other HVAC system types, this consists of inside and outside units — thus the name. The part that rests outside the home or office contains the compressor and other elements of the system, while the inside has a blower and cooling coils to discharge the cold air.

How Are Split Systems Used?

These do not always have to be installed in a window. Many people open up a space in a wall so that the split system can be installed. They can be installed essentially anywhere as long as the unit can be both inside and outside at the same time.

Benefits Of Split Systems

          – Easier and cheaper to install than central air

          – Ducts are not required, so you won’t have to tear your home or office apart

          – Energy bills are still reasonable

Disadvantages Of Split Systems

– Do not cool as well

– Can be noisy

– Can only cool smaller rooms efficiently

Maybe split systems are not the greatest of HVAC system types, but they will certainly do the job for those who need some cooling off on a budget.

Need Help Installing One?

Contact a heating and cooling professional for all your needs. They know how to properly install any type of system. You can narrow your search down to three quality choices by using Seva Call. We’ll connect you directly with the right professionals, and our service is fast and free.

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    It is safe to say that everyone wants to keep their home or office cool during the brutal heat of the summer..Thanks for sharing such an interesting blog with us.

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