Types of Paint Brushes

Types of Paint Brushes - Painters

Choosing the right types of paint brushes is crucial to getting the right finish when painting a wall or surface. People pay plenty of attention to the kind of paint they choose, but very little attention is paid to the kind of brush used. Good quality brushes apply a thicker, smoother, more perfect, finished coat of paint, imparting a regal look to the painted surface. Choose the right brushes, and you will see how a simple paint job can transform your home or outdoors.

Different Types of Paint Brushes

The first and foremost way to classify types of paint brushes is by the bristles, which could be natural or synthetic. Depending on the type of paint you are applying, the choice of brushes will change. For instance, any brush could be used for oil-based paints, but if you are working with enamels or a topcoat, it’s advisable to use high-quality natural bristle brushes. Similarly, for latex coatings, you must use synthetic, preferably polyester brushes.

The size of brushes is also extremely important. You must use a size of brush appropriate to the kind of job you are doing. It is best to use a 4-inch wide flat brush for large surfaces, mostly exteriors. For corners and narrow places, use a 2-inch, tapered brush. A one-inch brush is great for molding and woodwork, while for precise and clean painting of window frames and trims, angled sash brushes are an absolute must-have.

What to Look for in Your Brush

Some of the crucial things a paint brush must possess are a good volume of bristles with the right flex. See to it that the bristles have split ends to give a finer finish and smooth results. The flex is crucial. A brush must spring back to its shape soon to consistently paint firm lines.

Bristles that are shorter toward the edges and longer in the center provide more control and better direction. Also, make sure to tug the bristles before you buy to check the quality. No more than two hairs should come out when you tug. If they do, that’s not one of the types of paint brushes you want to buy.

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