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Build a Stone Path - Landscapers

Millions of homeowners choose to design and build a stone path to add value to their property and increase the curb appeal of their homes. This can represent a very simple, cost-effective, fun DIY project that can be started and finalized by most people, as it does not require extraordinary skills, special tools, or expensive materials. After all, you just have to place a few rocks on a sand bed.

How to create a beautiful stone path in a few simple steps

Remember to wear leather or thick rubber gloves at all times to protect your hands. Start by designing the path and carefully delineating the edges of the surface that you plan to cover with sand and rocks by using spray-based marking paint. Don’t worry about cutting and fitting, as these tasks won’t give you a hard time. If you’re good at assembling Jigsaw Puzzles, this project will seem like child’s play to you. However, you will have to rely on solid tools (a wheelbarrow and a shovel, to begin with) to remove the grass layers and place the rocks on the sand bed. When it comes to aligning the rocks, it is advisable to count on a high-quality deadbolt hammer or a highly resistant rubber mallet.

Don’t waste any time trying to obtain a really tight fit. Experts agree on the fact that tiny, irregular spaces make your stone path truly unique, natural looking, and more appealing than a 100% symmetrical one. Modify the height of your rocks by simply adding or removing sand from beneath the rocks that aren’t properly positioned. Fill all joints with soil and add ideal groundcover to finalize your project. After you finally install the rocks, make sure to wipe off all soil fragments by using a garage broom.

Find the best supplies

Contact a landscaper or make the most of your remarkable design skills to build a stone path matching your taste, budget, and personal preferences. These days, you have the chance to check out a generous selection of rocks, available in different shapes, densities, colors, and sizes for all types of custom landscaping projects.

Hire an expert

Want to build a stone path? You have two options at hand: You could complete a DIY project to experience significant savings and enjoy the fruits of your own labor, or you could save time and take pride in flawless results by hiring a landscaper. Choose the most inventive, original, dependable one by simply consulting TalkLocal. We’ll connect you to the right professionals directly, in just minutes.

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