Washing Wool Sweaters

Washing Wool Sweaters - Tailors

Washing wool sweaters is not something that is easily done, and it’s not something that should be done often. Wool sweaters are not like regular clothes that should be washed after just one wear. They can shrink on you if not washed properly. Cold-resistant clothing, like wool sweaters, should be washed with care. You will need wool sweaters in your home, especially if you have a poor HVAC system, and you need to stay warm in the winter.

Ask yourself this question many times before attempting to wash your wool sweaters. Often, wool sweaters don’t need to washed frequently if you get used to spot-cleaning them and airing them out. Even wool socks don’t need to be washed frequently if they are aired out often.

Do this until all of the woolen fibers are saturated with cold water to prevent the wool sweaters from shrinking.

Instead of washing the whole sweater, why not just spot clean it first? Wool is incredibly good at keeping itself clean, so try spot cleaning it first by brushing the soil off and rinsing it with cold water.

There are products on the market made especially for use with wool. Alternatively, you can make your own mixture by preparing a tiny amount of laundry soap, some water, and a little bit of essential oil such as lavender. Mix it first with some warm water and large quantities of cold water and then you can use it to wash the wool.

Never assume that just because the product name has “wool” in it that it is safe for use with wool.

Be careful to gently squeeze the wool and don’t rub it against itself to prevent felting. If you opt to use a washing machine, do not agitate the wool sweater. Wash it very, very gently. Agitation and heat are the enemies of wool and will cause it to shrink.

Dry the wool sweater flat and in the shape and size you want it to be.

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