How to Get Smoke Out of Clothes

How to Get Smoke Out of Clothes - Tailors

It’s an annoying fact that sometimes the smell of cigarette smoke gets into our clothes. There are some ways to get smoke out of clothes. The smell of smoke on clothes is not only unpleasant to us, but also to those we come into contact with. Thus, getting the smell of smoke out of clothes is very important. Some clothing materials make it harder to get rid of smoky smells, such as wool sweaters.


Prevention is better than cure, so rather than having  to get smoke out of clothes, avoid places where there is cigarette smoke. However, this strategy is not effective all the time. Thankfully, if you are wearing cold resistant clothing, these types of clothes are more resistant to the smell of smoke. If you are a smoker yourself, or live with one, take some measures to reduce the cigarette smoke odor in your home. This helps to avoid your clothes smelling smoky in the first place.

Spray Often

If you have cologne or air freshener on hand, spray often when in the presence of smoke. This will get smoke out of clothes manufactured in cotton or linen. It will also help decrease the smell once you are away from its source.


1. Place your clothes in the washing machine and set the temperature to the hottest that the clothing manufacturer allows.

2. Add a cup of baking soda and one cup of white vinegar.

3. Soak your clothing for at least an hour.

4. Then, add detergent and wash your clothes as usual. There is no need to drain out the original water that you used to soak your clothes in.

5. However, if your clothes are not washable, you can hang them outside to try and disperse the smell. Or, you can take them to a professional cleaner instead.

Need Help Getting the Smell of Smoke Out?

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