Electric Heating Radiators at Home

Electric Heating Radiators for Your Home - Heating and Cooling

Whether you’re renovating your home or moving to a new one, heating is always a major concern. Having appropriate central heating is essential to maintaining a comfortable and warm living environment.

Traditional heating systems used oil and wood as fuel. Today, however, more environmentally-friendly options exist, such as radiant electric heating radiators, which use heating elements powered by electricity to radiate heat into your home.

What Are Electric Heating Radiators?

There are several types of radiators. When talking about radiant electric heating radiators, there are two kinds: storage heaters and radiant heaters.

The radiant-type heaters provide heat on demand, which means they can simply be turned on and off depending on the need for warmth. This type is further categorized into three: radiant heating panels, convectors, and water/oil-filled electric heaters.

These radiators typically have a thermostat that detects the temperature of the room and turns the heater on or off depending on its programmed settings. They also have a time clock that can be set to turn the radiator on or off as needed. Some systems have controls that let you control some or all of the radiators from a central point.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Electric heating radiators don’t need any pipework and require very little installation. These heaters can be connected to an electric circuit via a wall connection or, if you purchase a portable standalone unit, then you just plug it into a power outlet to use.

Electric heating radiators are great space savers and can be placed in any corner or small nook in a room. Other configurations are also ideal for small spaces such as wall panels or wall-mounted units and ceiling units. These radiators, unlike storage heaters, don’t retain heat, which allows them to heat and cool fairly quickly. This is ideal for use in places that require instantaneous heating.

How can electric radiators help reduce energy costs?

With radiant electric heating radiators, you can heat a room based on your need. This is ideal when you spend most of your time in one particular room and therefore do not require centralized heating where the entire house is heated.

By just using an electric heater to provide local heating, you can lower your energy use and bills. It’s also possible to put radiators in every room and regulate them with a wireless thermostat so you can control the temperature throughout the home.

Need help to install these radiators?

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