Types of Radiant Heaters: Convectors

Types of Radiant Heaters: Convectors - Heating and Cooling

A radiant heater that uses convection, heats air when it comes into contact with the heater’s surfaces, causing air temperature to increase and consequently warming a room. Some of these types of radiant heaters have a fan that draws in cool air.

Residential Convection Heaters

There are two general types of radiant heaters using convection – electric and gas. The common types of radiant heaters that use electric convection include wall-mounted panel or fan heaters, standalone fan heaters, night storage heaters (using minimal thermal mass), and ducted central heating systems (where the heated air is delivered through a duct network).

As for the types of radiant heaters that use gas-fueled convection, the common ones are balanced flue gas heaters, boilers that supply hot water radiators, wall-mounted gas furnaces, and ducted central heating systems.

Use of Thermal Mass

Thermal mass refers to any material that is capable of absorbing and storing thermal energy for later use. There are certain types of radiant heaters that utilize convection heating with thermal mass, such as hot water radiators, night storage heaters, underfloor heaters, and solar hydronic heaters. A heater with a high capability to store heat usually does not become as hot on its surface as a heater with low heat storage capacity, and therefore can produce steadier heat.

What does a convection heater do?

A convection heater will:

– Heat up a room vertically from top to bottom. On larger spaces or areas with tall ceilings, it will take a bit of time for the heat to get to the level of occupants.

– Increase the room air temperature faster than other radiant heaters, although the temperature changes steadily, so the room becomes warmer gradually.

– Require more energy to reach the same change in temperature as that achieved by radiant heating in bigger areas.

– Need adequate air circulation to distribute heat evenly, since it works by warming the air immediately around it.

– Create gradients in temperature and convection flows as warmer air rises from the heater.

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