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Deadbolt Repair Cost - Locksmiths

Deadbolt repair cost is not particularly cheap. It depends on the kind of deadbolt that you have installed. If you installed a cheaper variety in the first place, the cost of any repairs may be higher. The services offered may also depend on where you live and the time it will take professionals to repair the deadbolt.

Deadbolts are an important security feature of your home. There are three grades of deadbolt, and you should not settle for anything less than Grade 2 deadbolts. Grade 3 deadbolts are easy to pry open and are not secure against criminals.

Average Deadbolt Repair Cost

Generally, locksmiths charge anything from $35 to $50 per service call. They also charge $15 to $35 to install a new deadbolt. This will all depend on whether the door and jamb is already bored and cored. If so, the locksmith’s job will be easier, so the cost will consequently be lower.

If the task is more complicated and takes more time, you could be looking at $50 to $75 for the service call and $50 to $75 per hour for the time that it takes to install the new deadbolt.

In general, if you bought the cheaper deadbolt, the repair will probably take more time, meaning more expense. In total, it may cost you about $100 for the deadbolt repair cost. Although this is money well spent, as home security should always be a priority, buying top quality deadbolts in the first place can save you money over the longer term.

Additionally, if you live in a remote area, the charges may be higher due to steeper service fees. In any case, get estimates from a few locksmiths before making any decisions.

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