Spotting a Great Total Physical Therapy Provider

Spotting a Great Total Physical Therapy Provider - Chiropractors

Spotting a Great Total Physical Therapy Provider

Are you suffering from a form of physical handicap or experiencing chronic physical pain? This is an extremely difficult ordeal, which can impair your work or personal life.

While there are limitations depending on the gravity of your situation, total physical therapy or Total PT is your best shot at restoring fully functional independence. You can gain back your energy, your comfort, mobility, and physical capabilities. Physical therapy can help with walking, climbing a flight of stairs, or in serious cases getting in and out of bed.

What is Total Physical Therapy?

Total PT involves a variety of methods such as therapeutic exercise, stretching, patient education, and massage. Many of those who seek this form of therapy are suffering from:

– Physical pain in the back and neck

– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

– Injuries caused by sports or accidents

– Pre/Post Surgery therapy

– Neurologically caused disabilities and headaches

– Occupational injuries

– Geriatric Rehabilitation

– Rehabilitation of the Knee, Hip, and Shoulder

– Plantar Fasciitis

– Fibromyalgia

What are the marks of a great total physical therapy center?

Access to licensed professionals. A good Total PT provider screens its therapists thoroughly, and has licensed, experienced staff.

Results. Whatever works, works. The most important part about receiving Total PT is becoming more comfortable and independent as the therapy progresses.

Customer Service. Competence in therapeutic techniques alone cannot make a patient happy. Pleasant and reliable service completes the experience.

Patient Education. A good therapist talks to patients. He provides sound advice on how to protect joints and conserve energy. He also offers counsel for family members and caregivers.

A doctor’s referral is necessary before receiving total physical therapy. Once the referral has been obtained, a patient can start with therapy, which will be scheduled two to three times per week. It can be done at a center or it can be home-based depending on what is best suited for the patient.

Find Reliable Physical Therapists

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