Does Physical Therapy Really Help?

Does Physical Therapy Really Help? - Chiropractors

Physical Therapy For A Number of Conditions

Physical therapy is prescribed for a number of health conditions, including sciatica and arthritis. This type of therapy reduces pain in soft tissues. It can help you recover from injury and avoid the possibility of future injuries. Does physical therapy really help? In most cases, the answer is yes.

A physical therapist can suggest modifications in the way that you do activities to lessen the injuries. Conditions like spinal stenosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Parkinson’s disease, and vertigo are greatly helped by physical therapy. The range of activities that a physical therapist will ask you to do varies greatly, such as lumbar stabilization exercises for lower back pain.

How Physical Therapy Helps

Physical therapy helps you by strengthening your muscles and helps you return to your normal level of functioning. This type of therapy also helps you avoid surgery, or can even help you recover faster from surgery. It can also improve your mobility, especially if you have trouble walking or running. It also helps with back pain when using ice and heat for back pain is not enough. Physical therapy also helps stroke patients recover by improving balance and restoring gait.

Unknown to some people, this type of therapy helps diabetes and vascular conditions by controlling blood sugar through exercise. Physical therapy also helps prevent falls by strengthening your muscles and improving balance. Recovery and prevention exercises also help you prevent sports injuries or recover from previous injuries.

As can be seen, there are in fact many ways that physical therapy can help.

Finding the Right Help

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