Essential Pool Cleaning Tools

Essential Pool Cleaning Tools - Maid Services

Your swimming pool is a place for relaxation, but the idea of swimming in a dirty pool is not refreshing at all. After having a pool installed, you want to make sure you’ll be able to clean it regularly to keep the water clear and safe for swimming. For this purpose, you will need the following pool cleaning tools at home:

1. Skimmer – This is basically a net with a long handle that can be used to remove leaves, debris, and other particles floating on the pool’s surface. When you buy a skimmer, make sure to choose one with a handle that is long enough to skim stuff off the center of your pool.

2. Pool Vacuum – If your pool does not have its own vacuum system, you should invest in one. Vacuuming your pool once a week is highly recommended to remove dirt and debris that has settled on the bottom of the pool. You can purchase a manual push vacuum or a self-powered pool cleaner that automatically crawls along the pool’s floor to collect sediment and debris.

 3. Pool Brushes – Some of the most important pool cleaning tools are long-handled brushes meant to be used on the walls and floor of your pool.  Brushing the sides and bottom of a pool at least once a week will prevent the buildup of algae.

 4. Pool Filter – As water is circulated by the pump, it should pass through a filter to remove impurities. The best filter to choose will depend on factors like the size of the surface area to be cleaned and the amount of vegetation around the pool. There are several filters available in the market including:

— Sand filter – For basic pools with no or little surrounding vegetation; requires backwashing.

— Cartridge filter – Can filter double the surface area as a sand filter; will work better than sand filter if the yard has more vegetation.

— Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filter – Can filter the biggest surface area; best choice if the pool is surrounded by much vegetation.

 5. Testing Kit – These kits are used to test the quality of pool water, including its pH level, alkalinity, chlorine, and bromine levels as well as other components. Ensuring balanced water chemistry in your pool is critical to keep it safe and comfortable for swimming.

Need Professional Cleaning?

Keep your pool clean, clear, and inviting by having the right pool cleaning tools. If you need to hire a professional service for periodic pool maintenance, TalkLocal can help you find the right person in your area in no time. Contact us now!

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