Aromatherapy Scent Guide

Aromatherapy Scent Guide - Massage Therapy

A relaxing, enjoyable aromatherapy session has a virtually endless list of health benefits. It will help you improve your mood, eliminate anxiety, and reduce stress levels almost instantly.

There are hundreds of essential oils: some of them are burned and inhaled; some are sprayed inside the room; and others are mixed with different substances, including gels, body cream, and alcohol, and used during massage sessions.

Of course, oils based on different natural ingredients will have a unique odor. Some fragrances you’ll love and some you’ll hate for the rest of your life. Which ones should you choose? Use the following aromatherapy scent guide to make an inspired decision.

Choose the Best Fragrances Based on Their Type

Essential oils and their one-of-a-kind fragrances can be divided into different categories, by type. Some of the most popular are the following:

– Citrus fragrances

– Herbal fragrances

– Earthy fragrances

– Floral fragrances

– Fruity fragrances

– Spicy fragrances

– Musk and amber fragrances

Since you couldn’t possibly test all these essential oils to identify your favorite candidate, purchase the one that best matches your favorite perfume or scented candle.

Identify Your Ideal Essential Oil Based on Its Benefits

Choose some of the most enchanting, efficient essential oils based on their unique health benefits. You should know that:

– Amber essential oil boosts mental power and stimulates creativity

– Bergamot essential oil relaxes and reinvigorates the body

– Cranberry essential oil reduces headaches

– Jasmine battles postpartum depression, calms the nerves, and reduces stress

– Patchouli prevents nausea and colds and reduces migraines

– Sandalwood essential oil is used as an aphrodisiac, a mild natural antidepressant, and a sedative

– Vanilla improves the memory and boosts the sexual appetite

– Cinnamon essential oils reduce inflammations and fight infections

– Lavender eliminates nervous tension, protects the skin and the scalp, reduces pain, and boosts blood circulation

Ask an Expert

Finding the best essential oil solely based on info from an aromatherapy scent guide can be difficult. Take the easy way out and consult a massage therapy expert. Spot the most competent professionals in your area with TalkLocal, a free service that connects you directly with the right professionals, right now.

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