Timberwolf Wood Stoves Care and Maintenance

Timberwolf Wood Stoves Care and Maintenance - Heating and Cooling

Timberwolf wood stoves are a traditional, but economical alternative for heating your home . They are masterfully made and crafted with care. These wood stoves make a cozy alternative to gas heating. Timberwolf wood stoves are also sturdy and durable.

The manufacturer provides a warranty with these stoves, so you can be confident about their reliability. It’s still important, however, to maintain your Timberwolf stove in order to enjoy years of use. Here are some guidelines for the proper maintenance of Timberwolf wood stoves.


Clean your chimneys at least once per year. However, you should check your chimney and chimney connector for any build-up weekly, until you know approximately when you have to clean it. Before you clean the chimney, disconnect the appliance. Replace any broken bricks if necessary.

Ash Removal Procedures

Allow ashes to accumulate to at least two to three inches deep before removal. Always leave an ash bed an inch or more thick in order to maintain of a hot bed of charcoal. The best way to dispose of ashes is to deposit them in a metal container with a snugly fitting lid.

The ash container can then be kept on the ground away from any combustible material. Once the ashes have cooled you can empty them from the container to finally dispose of them.

Ash Removal with Ash Drawer

To remove the ashes from a Timberwolf stove, first clear ash away from the ash plug. After that, use a poker to remove the ash plug. Use a rake to move the excess ashes into an ash drawer. However, the ash drawer should not be overfilled. The ashes should be no higher than the sides of the ash drawer. Remove the ash drawer and dispose of the ashes properly.

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