Wall Electric Heaters

Wall Electric Heaters - Heating and Cooling

As winter approaches, millions of families start looking for ways to preserve energy and reduce their utility bills. Some of them have already tested the effectiveness of wall electric heaters, considered an amazing alternative due to their long list of advantages.

Why Are Wall Electric Heaters an Excellent Alternative?

If you want to warm up your office or only one or two bedrooms at home, zonal heat may be your most inspired choice. Modern wall electric heaters provide an ideal level of heat over a relatively short period of time. They also help reduce energy costs, because they turn almost 100% of the power they consume into heat.

Electric heaters are green too, compared to their gas and kerosene counterparts. They reduce the carbon footprint of your household; so they are perfect for people who choose to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle and make the most of renewable energy. Wall electric heaters run quietly, don’t pollute, and represent the perfect candidate when it comes to heating small indoor areas.

Electric Heaters versus Gas Furnaces

Some people prefer gas furnaces, while others choose to install electric heaters in their homes. What would be the best option for you? It all depends on different factors, including the size of the space that you plan to heat and your budget.

One thing’s for sure: last-generation wall electric heaters, launched on the market by reputable manufacturers, like Cadet, for instance, guarantee zero heat losses, while most gas furnaces are much less efficient, displaying an AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating of only 65%.

Get an Expert Opinion

These days, one could easily find different types of wall electric heaters, introduced by reputable brands. The key is to spot, purchase, and install the one to meet your specific heating needs. When in doubt, it’s advisable to consult a skilled heating and cooling expert before making a final decision. Rely on TalkLocal to meet hundreds of professionals operating in your area, who have what it takes to complete any task to your complete satisfaction.

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