Secret of Overall Wellness: A Hot Tub Dip!

Secret of Overall Wellness: A Hot Tub Dip! - Massage Therapy

No one can deny the mesmerizing and soothing effects that a hot tub dip gives, but do you know what makes it feel so great? Unfolding the pages of history tells us that even the Greek and Egyptians believed in the power of hydrotherapy.

The pressure jets and relaxing heat of the hot tub water do wonders to relieve mental and physical stress. But how? Let’s discuss some benefits of spa hydrotherapy and see how a hot tub dip can help in overall wellness.

Say No to Stress

High stress levels can cause physical discomfort and vice versa. A healthy mind and body could be the key to overcoming this dilemma, and spa hydrotherapy can aid to calm and care for both.

A few minutes hydrotherapeutic session in the hot tub can eradicate headaches and slump stress levels, while also soothing joints and muscles. Most of the spas have hot tub water massage elements that rouse anxiety- and stress-relieving endorphins.

Better Siesta

It is scientifically proven that hydrotherapy can boost your sleep; in fact, people can fall fast asleep and sleep for longer after an effective hot tub emersion. The rapid eye movement (REM) cycle is also noticed to be more invigorating after the revitalizing effects of a hydrotherapy session.

Relief from Pain

In hydrotherapy, water is used to relive pain and discomfort from the body in the physical sense, but the temperature of water plays an essential role in providing effective results. Respite from muscle soreness, arthritis, and back pain can expedite the revival from injuries.

Studies have revealed that hydrotherapy aids the elimination of lactic acid, opens the blood vessels for improved circulation, makes possible the flow of endorphins, and unwinds the soft tissue surrounding arthritic joints. The fine blend of high tech jets with hot water can perk up joint and muscular functions by directing a hot jet-driven water to exact trouble points or pressure points in the body.

A sound sleep, pain relief and a stress free routine together are the secret of overall wellness. Lack of one component can hamper the others. So whether you need a hot tub dip for calming your mind after a stressful day, or require a hydrotherapy session for pain relief or to soothe overworked muscles, hot tubs can be your health and wellness specialists.

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