How to Replace Siding

How to Replace Siding - Roofers

Today, homeowners have different options for their siding including wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiber-cement boards, and composite boards. Whichever type of siding you have, its purpose is the same – to keep out external elements and moisture from entering your home. By paying attention to the condition of your siding and knowing when to replace siding, you can make sure it will continue to protect your house for longer.

Should You Replace the House Siding?

Go around your house and inspect your siding, looking for the following signs to know if you do need to replace siding:

– Warped, wavy, rotting, or caving in sections

– Popping out nails, which may indicate that the siding has misaligned probably by some movement or material expansion/contraction.

– Shrinking, cracking, or worn caulk can cause the siding to shift and become lopsided. When this happens, the siding will not be able to do its job properly. The siding will appear seamless when the caulk is applied properly or is still in good condition.

– Fading paint. Note: If you have vinyl siding, check your warranty before painting the siding over to make sure that repainting or any alteration will not void the warranty.

– Discolored or streaked areas caused by water stains.

– Rodents or pests have taken up residence in the space between the siding and the interior wall.

Replacing Aluminum Siding

1. Purchase siding replacement. Go to your local hardware store and buy the siding material that matches with what you have on your house. It’s okay if it’s a different color, just as long as the profile is the same.

2. Remove the damaged area. Use a sharp utility knife to score around the section to be replaced. Use a hammer nail puller to help you remove the entire section.

3. Replace the siding. Take the replacement piece and remove the top part of it that is usually under the lap. Simply install the new siding into place and nail it down to attach permanently.

4. Seal the area. Apply a little bit of sealant under the joint of the lap. Wipe off any excess caulk.

5. Finish the job. Sand the section using 120-grit paper. Paint with a suitable paint product. To ensure a paint color match, take the old siding to your local paint store and ask for the matching color paint.

Expert Siding Replacement

To replace siding the easy and convenient way, simply leave the job to an experienced contractor. TalkLocal offers a free service to match homeowners with up to three qualified service professionals. Let us help you today!


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