How to Use a Vinyl Siding Repair Kit

How to Use a Vinyl Siding Repair Kit - Handyman

Quality vinyl siding is a durable material, and it is a beautiful choice that works well with different styles of houses. When properly maintained – which requires minimal effort – it will last a long time. However, siding damage can happen due to a variety of reasons, ranging from severe weather to accidents. When your siding does get holes or cracks, there are simple ways to repair it, such as using a vinyl siding repair kit.

Repairing Small Siding Cracks

You can handle small cracks in your vinyl siding with a basic vinyl siding repair kit from a hardware supplier or home center. To do this, carefully pull up one edge of the cracked area using a toothpick and apply some repair glue inside the edges. Press down the edges to glue them firmly. It is recommended to do this job when it’s warm outside to keep the vinyl pliable.

Repairing Larger Siding Cracks or Holes

First, you need to assemble the necessary tools that are part of a complete vinyl siding repair kit, such as:

– Zip tool

– Pry bar

– Hammer

– PVC cleaner

– PVC cement

– Glue

– Galvanized roofing nails

In addition to the tools above, you will also need to have some scrap vinyl siding that matches the existing one. When you have everything all ready, here’s how to put your vinyl siding repair kit to use:

Step 1: Remove the damaged section. Take the zip tool and insert it underneath the lower edge of the overlapping area of the cracked siding. Press down on the tool and slide it horizontally. Then, use a pry bar or the nail puller of a hammer to remove all the nails.

Step 2: Clean the exposed surface. Using a PVC cleaner, make sure to thoroughly clean the surface behind the siding you just removed.

Step 3: Measure the damaged area that needs to be covered up and cut the scrap vinyl according to size to create a replacement panel. You want to make sure that the panel will be big enough to cover the damaged area completely and then a little bit more around it to prevent the crack from getting any bigger.

Step 4: Glue the panel in place using PVC cement.

Step 5: Nail the replacement panel into place.

First, relock the side. Use the zip tool to pull along the lower edge of the overlapping siding. As you’re working with the zip tool, take the replacement panel and press its top edge up and over the bottom-raised edge of the overlapping siding.

Finding Professional Siding Repair

Some siding damage requires more help than what you can tackle with a vinyl siding repair kit. In such instances, use Seva Call‘s free search service to locate up to three qualified contractors within your area. Then, all you need to do is make the final choice of who to hire. Try us today and get your siding fixed by a pro!


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