How to Patch Vinyl Siding

How to Patch Vinyl Siding - Roofers

Have you found a small crack or hole on your vinyl siding? You probably don’t know what caused the damage. Whatever the reason is, what’s important is fixing the damage to make sure moisture, insects,¬†or dust do not enter your home. The good news is you can repair most small vinyl siding damage without hiring a contractor. Here’s how to patch vinyl siding.

How to Patch Vinyl Siding

Step 1: Clean the area of the siding surrounding the hole using a vinyl siding cleaning product or a solution of water and dish detergent. Dry the siding after cleaning.

Step 2: Use a sharp utility knife or shears to cut scrap vinyl siding to the right length, which should allow several inches away from the hole.

Step 3: Again, use a utility knife to cut away the top most section of the scrap vinyl, making sure to cut along the nail hem and not the entire curved edge. Do the same trimming on the bottom edge of the patch vinyl siding, leaving the curved edge intact. After cutting off the top and bottom of the patch, it should be flat with curved top and bottom edges.

Step 4: Press down the patch vinyl siding over the hole. You should be able to fit together the curved edges of the patch with the ridges of the existing siding. However, if the patch will not fit the damaged area, you can make it flat instead by cutting off both curved edges.

Step 5: Fit a vinyl siding caulk of matching color to your siding into a caulk gun. Apply the caulk onto the patch vinyl siding generously and then apply a string of caulk around the hole to be covered.

Step 6: Install the patch vinyl siding over the damaged area, applying some pressure to help the panels adhere together well. Allow the caulk to dry according to manufacturer recommendations. If you want to, you may also apply more sealant along the fringe of the patch. Note: If you ended up using a flat patch vinyl siding, secure it with painter’s tape until the caulk has dried.

When You Need a Pro

If the damage on your siding is large or extensive and requires more than just a quick fix, it is best to hire a professional to assess the damage and handle the repair or replacement of your vinyl siding. Seva Call is just what you need to find a professional contractor right away. Our search and matching service is fast and free. Contact us today!


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