What You Need to Know about Towing Vehicle Behind RV

What You Need to Know about Towing Vehicle Behind RV - Towing

Recreational vehicles (RV), or motor homes, are great if you and your family are avid travelers and if you love camping and spending time outdoors. However, if you stop in one place for a few days or more, you might find it difficult to drive around for groceries or visit the surroundings in your RV.

In this case, having your car with you comes in handy as it gives you more mobility, especially after you’ve parked your RV and connected it to utility lines. It’s easier to navigate city traffic and find parking spots if you’re driving a small vehicle, instead of a heavy RV. It’s also a cost-effective alternative.

Nevertheless, there are some things you need to know before towing vehicle behind your RV. Here are some tips.

Dollies and trailers are a more expensive option than towing a vehicle behind an RV. Moreover, you need considerable space to store them both, at home and when camping. A car is easier to tow and more advantageous. Also called four-down towing, this a more affordable and comfortable option than using a trailer.

To tow your vehicle behind an RV, it needs to have manual transmission. Cars with electronic transmissions and front-wheel systems require more planning and caution when it comes to towing. Some cars with automatic transmissions are not suitable for flat towing. That’s because the moving parts of the car need to be lubricated while moving, and vehicles with automatic transmissions don’t allow lubrication unless the engine is running.

To avoid damage, it’s best to consult your vehicle owner’s manual to find out whether your car is suitable for towing behind RV or not. In addition, there are online lists, which tell you which vehicles are towable behind an RV.

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