The Cost of Replacing Laptop Battery

The Cost of Replacing Laptop Battery - Computer Repair

Is your laptop battery giving out much sooner now? Do you need to plug your laptop into an AC outlet more frequently than you used to or maybe all time because the battery is not charging?

If so, it appears the battery has come to the end of its life and needs to be replaced. In this case, brace yourself for the potential cost – replacing laptop battery is expensive.

Comparing Prices

The range of prices for a replacement battery varies depending on the model. However, it’s not strange to see new battery packs selling for at least $100, which is quite steep when you consider that this is about 1/4 of the price of some brand-new units.

At $50 average minimum cost, replacing laptop battery can certainly create a dent on the finances of an average person. Therefore, it is perfectly understandable why many are patiently scouring for a bargain. Start to research your options at the website of your laptop’s manufacturer, compare prices, and warranty details.

Third-party suppliers

You may be able to find a good deal from third-party suppliers of laptop parts and peripherals that are selling the same name-brand battery you need at a discount. When considering this option, always choose a reputable supplier, and take note of product warranty terms and conditions.

Buy a Fresh Battery

You may be working on a budget, but there’s no valid reason to waste your money buying a used laptop battery. Make sure to check the battery’s manufacture date; you don’t want anything that is more than a year and a half old.

Never Buy Based on Cost Alone

There are some components and accessories of a laptop where you can afford to scrimp and go for the much cheaper option, but not with the battery. One thing to remember is never to buy a replacement battery just because of the price.

Lithium ion (Li-Ion) batteries are known to have safety issues because of their tendency to produce a chain reaction that can result in overheating and, eventually, fires or a rare explosion. A cheap, substandard Li-Ion presents a serious fire hazard risk.

Always consider other factors such as quality and safety when buying a replacement battery. The cost of replacing a laptop battery is nothing compared to the cost of a potential injury or property loss.

Need Expert Laptop Battery Repair?

It may be that your laptop battery doesn’t need replacement, but repair work. A computer repair specialist should be able to help you determine this and fix the battery, if needed. TalkLocal can match you with the right technician in just a few minutes. We’ll connect you with the right professionals in your area in just minutes.


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