Different Electric Heaters Homes Can Use

Different Electric Heaters Homes Can Use - Heating and Cooling

With a portable electric heater, you can keep certain spaces in your home warm and comfortable without having to heat your entire house. Always plug the heater into an electric outlet and not into an extension cord. Keep it at least three feet away from furniture, bedding, curtains, or drapes. Here’s a quick guide to different electric heaters homes can use:

Oil-filled radiators

This heater has the appearance of a traditional radiator. It produces heat when electricity warms the oil inside it. Oil offers good heat retention, so this type of heater gives off warmth for some time even after it has been turned off. It is best used in the living room and in bedrooms.

Fan-forced heaters

A fan-forced heater has an integrated ventilator that propels air over metal coils heated by electricity. You can adjust the airflow so that it focuses on only a specific area of a room, such as the sitting area. It is perfect for offices and workshops.

Ceramic Heaters

These types of electric heaters for homes make use of ceramic plates with metal embedded inside. When this metal is heated by electricity, heat is given off to the surrounding areas. Ceramic heaters provide focused heating quickly and do not get hot to the touch. They are available in various shapes, so they are perfect for sun rooms, porch enclosures, and small offices.

Low-Profile Heaters

This device works by using electric cables to heat internal copper tubes through which air moves. Many units have built-in thermostats. Low-profile heaters are quiet and can easily heat big spaces and, therefore, make ideal electric heaters for homes with family rooms and basements.

Need Heater Repair?

Is your portable electric heater giving off an odd burnt smell? Did the light, fan, or heating parts just stop working? Before you toss out your heater or try to remove the back off and attempt to fix it yourself, call in a qualified technician to take a look at it.

They should be able to tell you if repair is possible or you need to replace the heater. TalkLocal can get you connected with three local qualified, technicians now. Use our free service and find the right professional fast!


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