Hurricane Window Shutters

Hurricane Window Shutters - Window Replacement

There are many ways to protect your house or office from a potential storm or hurricane. Which is the best option is up to you, depending on your budget and the level of protection you want. Hurricane window shutters come in many forms and materials, and they not only reduce the damage that might be caused by a hurricane, but also increase the security of your house.

Here are some types of hurricane window shutters that you might want to consider.

Protect Your House against Hurricanes with Panels

Storm panels are an affordable way to protect your home against hurricanes. They are typically made of aluminum or metal. There are also polycarbonate panels, which are more expensive. Storm panels are installed temporarily, after a storm forecast, and then they can be removed.

Storm Glass Hurricane Protection

This is an effective, yet pricey method to protect your home against hurricanes, especially if your house is older, because it might require window replacement. Also, installation is difficult, and it is advisable to be done by an expert.

Bahama Hurricane Window Shutters

These hurricane window shutters can be used both as a protection against storms and hurricanes, and against the sun. Once installed, you can enjoy their benefits throughout the year, regardless of the season.

Accordion Hurricane Window Shutters

These shutters fold like an accordion, so when you don’t need them, you can leave your windows exposed. They are typically made of aluminum, and work with the help of a gliding mechanism. One of their drawbacks is that this gliding device can break, and needs to be replaced in order to operate the shutters.

Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

This type of hurricane shutters is one of the most effective ways to protect your windows against storms and hurricanes, but it’s also costly. Some of the latest models are automated. They can be lowered by simply pushing a button. Besides hurricane protection, these shutters can also discourage burglars from breaking in.

Need Assistance?

Not sure which hurricane window shutters are best for your property? Seva Call can assist you. We can put you in touch with a local expert who can help you choose the right type of shutters for your home, and install them right away.


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