Storm Windows Prices Made Clear

Storm Windows Prices Made Clear - Window Replacement

The cost of installing storm windows varies depending on several factors, including the skill level of the contractor and their seasonal rates, as well as the job location. Costs are generally higher in metropolitan areas. Of course, actual storm windows prices also vary depending on the material used and the product’s features.

Service Quote

Typically, a contractor will have a standard rate from which they will base the quote of a storm window installation cost. It is possible for a service professional to provide a cost estimate for the job without having to inspect the site.  A standard service cost estimate would include delivery costs, costs for modification and fitting of simple frames, exterior flashing, trims and weather stripping, and for fitting the actual window.

Typically, basic materials and installation of storm windows cost between $98 and $132 in a hurricane-prone, major city like Miami or Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Higher grade materials and more complex installation would range from $126 to $166, while the highest-end of the price range can go up to $205.

Extra Costs

Storm windows prices tend to be 5-14% higher if you are planning to use and install higher-end storm windows with complex configurations and patterns. More expensive storm windows are made of higher grade materials with excellent joinery, decorative finishes, and other designer features that may make installation more complicated. Also, if the window needs to be re-framed or you would like to add decorative fittings, you must factor some extra cost for this into the final tab.

Ways to Save

There are some ways you can save on storm windows prices and installation costs. One way is to request quotes from multiple contractors for the same job. Make sure to give each contractor the complete, same information about your project so you can make a sound comparison of their rates.

You can also save money on the cost of installation if you are smart and flexible about scheduling your project during a slow period for the contractor. The recommended time to install storm windows is during the summer through early fall. However, most people do it at the last minute just before hurricane season starts. Avoid this peak time, and you’re likely to get a good rate.

Save money on storm windows prices by shopping online or by buying products that have been discontinued but are still in stock. Look for opportunities to buy old inventory or items that have been ordered incorrectly for a lower price. Don’t hesitate to ask your retailer about discounted stock.

Need More Help?

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