Hot Tub Skirting Corners

Hot Tub Skirting Corners - Handyman

Just like any other object around the house, your hot tub skirting requires periodical maintenance to preserve its appearance and functionality for as long as possible. However, over time, due to exposure to elements and daily wear and tear, your hot tub skirting is likely to need repairs or even replacement.

Hot Tub Skirting Corners Repairs

Hot tub skirting corners are some of the parts, which are most susceptible to requiring repairs because of various reasons. In time, they can warp, crack, or become loose, which allows water to penetrate under the siding, leading to decay.

Once you notice any signs that your hot tub skirting corners are starting to deteriorate, it’s important to check them thoroughly. If your skirting is made of wood, it might be enough to refurbish them. You can do it yourself or entrust the job to a skilled carpenter if the job seems daunting to you.

In case the corners of your hot tub skirting are made of composite materials or plastic, you might have to replace them, especially if they no longer fit tightly around the lip and siding. Fortunately, you can find hot tub replacement parts by going to a home improvement store, checking with your hot tub manufacturer, or ordering them online from specialized suppliers.

Kits for Hot Tub Skirting Corners

The skirting, or box, of many modern hot tubs is made with panels and parts that come in kits, ready to be assembled. Some have interlocking systems, which makes installation easier. If your hot tub skirting has rounded corners or flex corners, as is the case with many new hot tubs, you need to measure the size of your corners, and buy or order the right type to replace your old ones. Typically, these corners go with a lip overhang, which covers the hot tub paneling. Check all the details of your hot tub skirting, and write down the specs to know exactly what you need to purchase.

Need Assistance?

If you want to refurbish your hot tub skirting without spending too much time finding qualified help, Seva Call can take this task off your hands. We can put you in touch with a reputable local professional in no time.


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