Sheet Metal Heating Ducts

Sheet Metal Heating Ducts - Heating and Cooling

These days, HVAC systems influence our level of comfort a great deal and enable us to turn our homes into pleasant, cozy environments. Its components play an important part in this equation and should be inspected periodically.

For instance, high-quality sheet metal heating ducts can often raise the performance of an air distribution system, turning it into an excellent long-term investment.

The Pros and Cons of Sheet Metal Heating Ducts

If you want to install or replace your current HVAC system, you should know that you have the opportunity to choose from different types of ducts. All of them display their fair share of advantages. Metallic, rigid ones and their flexible counterparts made from corrugated plastic are two of the most popular choices.

Sheet metal ducts have a long service life and are well liked for the fact that they trigger a superior energy-efficiency and remarkable performance. On the other hand, because they are very rigid, they require lots of space. Nonetheless, you can order custom-made ductwork, especially designed to guarantee a perfect fit in your own environment.

Sheet Metal or Flexible Ducts?

Flexible ducts are cost-effective, even though they do not last as long as their rigid, metallic counterparts do. They are usually manufactured from corrugated plastic, and they are properly insulated to preserve heat in an ideal manner.

Due to their flexibility, they can be implemented even in the tightest areas where the installation of full-size sheet metal ducts is out of the question. Therefore, would it be better to install sheet metal or flexible, plastic ducts? In the end, the choice is up to you. Make a final decision based on the criteria that matter to you the most, like for instance price tag, lifespan, durability, performance, and so on.

Ask an Expert

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