Design Tips for Custom Window Systems

Design Tips for Custom Window Systems - Window Replacement

Sometimes even with plenty of choices, the standard windows do not meet the specific tastes of certain homeowners. By ordering custom window systems, it’s possible to have windows designed and manufactured just for your home. Many manufacturers of window products allow you to bring them your ideas and design to create your unique windows.

Since they are custom made, almost any design imaginable can be accommodated. Ordering custom window systems is the perfect solution when:

– You have windows that are taller or wider than normal

– You’re looking for unique shapes

– You’re looking for elaborate window grill designs

– The window frames are angled or curved

– You want beveled or stained glass windows.

Window Hardware

Starting with the hardware will help you create a uniform and polished look for your windows.

Choose window handles and hinges with a new finish that complements the existing decorative metal fixtures in your home such as light fixtures, drawer handles, door handles, etc. Some popular choices are nickel and bronze finishes.

Interior Décor

When choosing the interior finish of your custom window systems, match it with the interior trim of your home for a pleasant, seamless effect.

For example, if the trim is stained wood, then some complementary choices would be stained wood windows, almond-colored vinyl windows, or fiberglass windows in any shade of brown.

Likewise, windows in white finish are perfect if your interior trim is white.

If you’ll be having wood custom window systems, a nice upgrade to your entire interior would be to paint the windows as well as your interior trim and doors a shade that is lighter than the color of your interior walls. For a dramatic effect, use a color that’s darker than your walls.

 Curb Appeal

Your windows have a huge impact on how your house looks from the outside. A safe design approach for your custom window systems is to go for a color that matches the exterior of your home.

Choosing windows in a contrasting or bright color will add some personality to your house and will draw attention to your nice, new custom window systems. Consider using a color that’s a shade darker than your exterior house siding, or choose one of the tones from the color palette of your home’s stonework.

Get the Exact Look You Want

Hire a professional contractor to get your custom window systems installed exactly how you want them. Seva Call specializes in matching homeowners with the right service professionals. Use Seva Call now to find qualified contractors in your area.


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