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Professional services brought to you by a respectable home painting company are a long-term investment. Apart from improving the aesthetics of your house and boosting its resale value, talented, dependable painters can also teach you how to preserve a smooth finish for the longest period of time, and how to prepare your home for the entire painting process.

How to Make Sure that the Exterior of Your Home Is Ready for Painting

So, you’ve finally decided to call a home painting company and now you’re waiting for the contractor to arrive. Simplify the whole process by doing some of the recommended prep work on your own, by following this useful checklist:

– Trim bushes that might restrict the painters’ access to the siding of your house.

– Inspect water spigots and make sure they are fully functional, as you will have to use them to power wash the exterior of your house.

– Check electrical outlets that will be used by painters to power some of their tools (like sanders, electric saws, and so on).

– Remember to turn off your water sprinklers before giving the green light to the painting process.

– Keep in mind that at the end of the painting process you will have to leave the door open for at least for a few hours. In this case, rely on other security measures to prevent burglary attempts.

How to Take Pride in Appealing Exterior Elements for the Longest Period of Time

A good painting job will always deliver long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing results. Nonetheless, you can preserve the appeal of your exterior elements for many years to come by following a few simple steps:

1)   Clean the siding of your home with a brush and wash it with a bleach additive-based solution, especially if the exterior of your house is prone to mildew or mold contamination.

2)   Remove bird nests that could stain the siding.

3)   Remove ivy to prevent extensive humidity damage that could compromise your painting efforts.

4)   Power wash and inspect brick surfaces that usually hide significant dust and debris accumulations.

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