Corrugated HDPE Pipe

Corrugated HDPE Pipe - Plumbers

Corrugated HDPE pipes are high-density polyethylene pipes used for drainage, sewage, and wastewater systems. This thermoplastic material has numerous advantages, which make it ideal for piping and drainage.

Corrugated HDPE Pipe Advantages

1. Cost Effective

Corrugated HDPE pipes are a cost effective option for storm water and wastewater management. They are much cheaper than other piping materials, including copper, concrete, or PVC. Corrugated HDPE pipes are capable of a better performance.

2. Durable

The estimated life-cycle of corrugated HDPE pipes is about 50 years if properly installed, which makes them a great choice for both homeowners and municipalities.

3. Flexible

Corrugated HDPE pipes are flexible, and have a high tolerance to pressure and load. Their design makes installation much easier as compared to other traditional piping materials.

4. Corrosion Resistant

Unlike metal pipes, corrugated HDPE pipes do not rust once they are buried underground.

5. Light Weight

Corrugated HDPE pipes are light, which makes transportation and installation considerably easier as compared to metal or concrete pipes.

6. Tight Joints

Corrugated HDPE pipes are leak-free, which is a great advantage considering that they are used for drainage and sewage. HDPE pipes are safe for both people and the environment. They are eco-friendly and there is no risk of contaminating fresh water supplies, polluting communities or wildlife habitats.

7. Strong

The corrugated shape and double wall of this type of HDPE pipe increase pipe strength, load, impact, and abrasion resistance. Corrugated HDPE pipes can withstand the action of various chemicals that might be contained by the wastewater traveling through them.

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