3 Types of Sewer Line Repairs

3 Types of Sewer Line Repairs - Plumbers

If your sewer line gives you signs that it’s not working as it should, it’s best to call a professional plumber as soon as possible to avoid serious problems. What might look like a clogged pipe, which can be temporarily fixed by pouring some chemicals, may turn into a more complicated issue.

Here are three types of sewer line repairs that your home might need in case you have trouble with your septic system.

1. Pipe Replacement

If your pipe is severely damaged, you need to replace it. The most common method to do this is to remove the old pipe by digging a trench. Once you do that, you can install a new pipe. This approach is less costly than others are, but it involves more work after pipe replacement, namely filling the trench and repairing the floor if you had to tear it up.

This will be easier if the pipeline is not located under the house. In case it is, you will have to go through the floor to get to the pipe.

2. Trenchless Pipe Bursting

This is a less invasive method used for sewer line repairs, which does not affect your landscaping, as it doesn’t require digging a trench in your yard.

Pipe bursting consists of digging two holes in the area of your broken pipe. The new pipe, which has a bursting cone attached to it, is introduced in one of the holes. The bursting cone is connected to a cable, which is inserted through the hole located at the other end of the old pipe.

This method uses the force of a hydraulic machine to pull the bursting cone and the new pipe. The movement of the cone smashes the old pipe, allowing the new pipe to fit in.

3. Trenchless Pipe Relining

With this method, you can also avoid digging a trench in your yard. Pipe relining is more economical because it doesn’t involve replacing the entire pipe.

It is done by inserting a liner that contains a resin-based mixture into your old pipe through the sewer. By using pressure and heating, the lining adheres tightly to the pipe, sealing it.

Need Sewer Line Repairs?

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