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Polyethylene Pipe Sizes - Plumbers

When it comes to performing your next home improvement project, it is always better to count on the skills, the know-how and the experience of a local specialist. Note that piping system problems can be difficult to evaluate and solve. There are certain things that you may not know, like for instance, which polyethylene pipe sizes are actually suitable for you.

The Benefits of PE Pipes

PE pipes are durable, versatile, and can transport a wide range of products, including clean water, wastewater, compressed gasses, oils, and toxic wastes. They are leak-free and have a considerable hassle-free service life, which means that they represent a smart long-term investment.

Different Types of PE Pipes Currently available on the Market

Since they serve different purposes and they have to respond to different needs and demands, PE pipes are produced in different pressure grades (according to the European standards). PN 2.5, PN4, PN6, PN10 and PN 16 are the main types of PE pipes.

AS-NZS 4130 compliant PE pipes have a size ranging from 16 mm outside diameter (OD) to 1,600 mm OD. Pipes made to transport clean water and wastewater are made from PE100 Polyethylene, pipe that carry gas are manufactured from PE80/100 Polyethylene, while pipes that are utilized in the electrical sector are produced from PE80 Polyethylene. Pipes have a standard 12 meter length, but customized products based on the client’s specifications can be made on demand.

Ask an Expert

Don’t know how to choose the best types of pipes for your next project? Can’t say for sure which polyethylene pipe sizes would be recommended in this case? If so, just discuss your options with a local plumber. Identify the best ones in your area with a little bit of help from Seva Call, your #1 connection to the best professionals.


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