Broken Fence Post Repair

Broken Fence Post Repair - Handyman

A straight, solid fence protects property and enhances the curb appeal of a home at the same time. What happens when a fence post snaps or starts to rot? Powerful thunderstorms, heavy snows, extreme temperatures, auto accidents, and elevated levels of humidity are all important factors impacting the aesthetics and the functionality of wooden fences.

In this particular situation, you have two options at hand: you could either repair your broken fence post on your own, or you could rely on professional services brought to you by a great handyman. Here are a few steps that you should follow in case you want to conduct a simple, cost-efficient, DIY broken fence post repair project.

1)  Analyze Your Alternatives

Does your fence require a simple, quick fix, or do you need to invest in a large-scale repair project? You can discover the answer to this question by contacting a contractor and obtaining a free estimate, or you could just analyze every fence post on your own.

If more than 20% of your wooden or iron fence posts are in bad condition, it is advisable to opt for a total replacement to avoid unpredictable expenses in the long term.

Rotten or broken wood posts can be easily replaced with new ones; just make sure the color of the new element matches the shade of the old one.

If you own a wrought iron fence that is now visibly affected by rust, clean or replace the damaged posts and always try to eliminate and control rust by applying an effective anti-corrosion product suitable for various metal surfaces.

2)  The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Broken Fence Post Repair Project

If your fence post is severely damaged at ground level, it is advisable to replace it in a timely manner. Don’t try to fix it, as this method would never manage to make the old fence post stand the test of time.

Installing a solid reinforcing patch is a valid alternative only if there are approximately 7 inches between the ground level and the damaged surface. Afterward, the job can be easily completed by following 4 simple steps: get the fence panels and rails out of the way, install the fence post cup and the fence post cap, and then reassemble the boards, rails, and wires.

3)  Ask an Expert 

You could easily get the job done in less than one day, as long as you have enough time, patience, and a set of basic tools, including a hammer, safety gloves, metal flashing, tape measure, and tin snips.

If you don’t have what it takes to complete a broken fence post repair project on your own, choose to hire a skilled handyman operating in your area. Find the best one with help from TalkLocal, a free service designed to connect you with the right professionals.

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