Do-It-Yourself Shave Horse Plans

Do-It-Yourself Shave Horse Plans - Handyman

If you’re interested in woodcraft or working with green wood for your wood projects, then you may want to have your own shave horse. Just like how any good carpenter requires the right set of carpentry tools, a woodworker also needs certain tools such as a shave horse to create a range of projects. It’s a brilliant tool that has been used by woodworkers even before the dark ages until now. Why not try your do-it-yourself skills by taking on shave horse plans and build this tool yourself?

Why “shave horse”?

It’s called such because one has to mount it like a horse in order to operate it, and it’s used traditionally with a shaving tool known as a drawknife to turn a piece of wood into the desired shape with the right thickness.

What does it do?

The main job of a shave horse is to grip a round piece of wood so it can be worked on. Its ability to clamp on wood is powered by the user’s legs. Pushing on a foot bar at the underside of the horse makes it hold the wood positioned on the work area. Releasing the foot bar releases the wood as well.

What does it look like?

There are a number of shave horse plans with slightly different styles and variations. However, the basic design consists of a bench with legs (three-legged horses are more stable) that function as the base frame and seat for the horse. The other basic components are the foot bar, treadle frame, yoke and, of course, the hinged work area where the piece of wood is placed.

Need Carpentry Help?

Shave horses are easy to make if you already have some experience with woodwork. However, if you’re just starting out in this wonderful hobby, you may not have the skills yet to follow DIY shave horse plans. This shouldn’t stop you from owning one, though. Seva Call can help you find an experienced professional who can take your shave horse plans and build this tool for you just as you want it. Contact us now to start your search.

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