HDPE Water Pipe Cost

HDPE Water Pipe Cost - Plumbers

HDPE or High Density Polyethylene is a thermoplastic, which is widely used in plumbing applications. HDPE water pipes are used in residential and municipal plumbing systems to replace old piping or to install new pipelines.

HDPE Water Pipe Advantages

HDPE water pipes have a series of advantages over more traditional materials such as copper or even PVC.

First of all, HDPE are cost effective as compared to other materials used for plumbing. Their relative low cost in relation to their estimated life cycle of about 50 years in normal conditions makes HDPE pipes a popular plumbing material.

Moreover, HDPE pipes are flexible and corrosion resistant. They are non-toxic, and easy to transport and handle. HDPE water pipes are durable, safe, recyclable, and eco-friendly. They are easy to install and perform well when used as piping infrastructure.

HDPE pipes can be installed using a trenchless installation method. This helps you avoid damaging the landscaping and is less labor-intensive. Unlike traditional piping for which joint leakage is a common problem, which leads to significant water loss, HDPE pipes are leak-free, because they can be fused with heat, creating a perfect seal.

HDPE Water Pipe Cost

HDPE water pipes are an affordable option for homeowners looking to replace their plumbing system. Costs vary from supplier to supplier, and depend on diameter and length. When calculating the price for HDPE water pipes, remember that costs are usually provided per foot, and that diameter can range from half an inch to 63 inches. Larger and thicker HDPE pipes are obviously more expensive than smaller, thinner ones. For instance, a large HDPE pipe with a 14-inch diameter will cost about $25 per foot.

To get an accurate idea about HDPE water pipe cost, it’s best to ask for an estimate from a HDPE pipe supplier.

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