How to Repair Your Main Water Line

How to Repair Your Main Water Line - Plumbers

A home’s main water line attaches to the water company’s big water line and runs directly into the house. When this breaks, it can quickly overflow and even enter into the home. Often these breaks require a simple repair, but in some extreme cases, a main water line must be replaced.

Contact 8-1-1 First

To access the main water line a trench must be dug. Before any digging commences, 8-1-1 should be dialed. Contacting this free service, available in all states within the United States, is required before anyone (professional or do-it-yourself) digs into the ground.

The service will come out and mark the locations of the water line so that the digging area is outlined and obvious. This prevents any accidental digs into gas lines. The service is free and essential for digging safety.

Check on Permits

Some cities require a permit before a main water line can be repaired or replaced. Contact the local building authority for any permit requirements and obtain the necessary permit before digging; otherwise, the project could be fined.

Shut Off the Valve

Water should be shut off from the home as well as the main water supply. If you cannot locate this, contact the local water department for assistance with the shut off. The shut off valve can be located in your basement, crawl space, or in a utility room, depending on when your home was built.

Second Pipe or Full Replacement?

When replacing a main water line for a house, you will have to choose between adding a second line and replacing the original pipe. Depending on the severity of a break, sometimes a new line can be added, connected to the existing line, and rerouted without removing or replacing the original pipe. This is because replacing the original pipe – the one that leads through the wall or floor of the home and connects the water to the rest of the structure – can be extensive and require the assistance of a professional contractor.

Need Help?

If you’re feeling out of your element, give TalkLocal a ring today. TalkLocal can connect you with professionals in your area skilled in main water lines in houses, so your job is done quickly and professionally the first time around.

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