Why Can’t I Delete a File?

Why Can't I Delete a File? - Computer Repair

Not being able to delete a file can get really annoying. The worst part is that, you don’t know why it won’t get deleted!

If you’re asking yourself, “why can’t I delete a file?”, here are some answers that may help you out.

“Why Can’t I Delete A File?!”

There can be many reasons as to why you are not able to delete a file. The most common reason is that it is probably being used by another program while you are trying to delete it.

In order to check for this, open Task Manager by pressing Control+Alt+Delete (to open the Windows menu) or Control+Shift+Escape (to open the Task manager directly). Under the Tasks tab, you will be able to see which programs and folders are currently running. You will also be able to close any programs that may be using a file you wish to delete.

If this doesn’t work, you can use the recovery console. Put the OS CD into your drive and boot up your computer. When the set-up screen appears, press ‘R’ for recovery console. You should now be able to navigate to the file and delete it.

If this also doesn’t work, you can use Unlocker,which is a very useful freeware which unlocks any file being used by windows. Once the file has been unlocked with Unlocker, you can delete it.

If you do not recognize a particular file, and you are not able to delete it using any of these methods, there is a chance that the file was planted on your computer by a virus or malicious software. Run a trusted malware program to check.

Having File Trouble?

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