Three Children’s Themed Bedrooms Re-Imagined for Adult Life

Written by Dallea Caldwell

So much of growing up is about replacing your stuff. Think about it: we go from cribs to beds and from diapers to pull-ups. We put away the action figures, the teddy bears and the Barbies. We surround ourselves with the right things and that makes us big girls and big boys.

Yet, somewhere inside, our inner-child is still trying not to suck on his or her thumb, trying to face the chill without their  security blanket and longing for the things that once gave him or her comfort and joy.

Still secretly obsessed with the themes and imagery that stoked your imagination and inspired your bedroom decor in your youth? These home decor options take classic children’s themed bedrooms and reinterpret them for your sophisticated adult life.

1. The Princess Theme: From a Princess to a Queen:

The whimsy, romantic, ultra-feminine and glamour of your old princess-themed bedroom can inspire your style without compromising sophistication. Pinks and pastels, metallic and sparkle, flowers and lace and chandeliers in the darnedest places make even the most avant-garde decor a delicious feast for the senses.

2. The Space Theme: From a Child-Wonder to…Even More Childlike Wonder:

Now that geeks are the new cool kids, maybe you can trade your rocket ship lunch box for a rocket ship suitcase. Well, that may be a bad idea, but starry skies and planetary murals can show off your style and your enduring sense of wonder, too.

3. The Superhero Theme: From Believing the Impossible to Doing the Impossible

Thank you, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, for officially declaring that pop art is art. Now, it’s officially acceptable to pass off comic books and superheroes as pop art and icons. And, don’t be afraid to splurge on a full-fledged bat-lair for a look that says, “I’m an adult, so I bought MYSELF these toys”.

Every day we so-called grown-ups struggle to fill adult roles and fit adult expectations, while feeling as clumsy now as we did when we played dress-up in our parents’ clothing.

So, when nostalgia tugs at your adult sensibilities like a persistent child whose parents just cut through the toy aisle at Walmart on their way to the tupperware section…go ahead, get inspired and give in – if only just a little. You deserve it.

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