Have A Lead Follow-Up Pre-Call Ritual: It’s Only Weird if it Doesn’t Work

Whether yours is a logical preparation or a bizarre superstition, it can really make a difference in your lead follow-up performance. If it makes you feel more confident and at ease, even having lucky penny or a square from your baby blanky can mean the difference between nailing the sales pitch and closing the deal on the one hand, and fumbling over your words on the other. So, whether your ritual involves rehearsing your key selling points or doing push-ups, such activities tend to perform one of two important functions:

Boosts your confidence in yourself

Boosts other people’s confidence in you.

To boost your own confidence: Get In The Zone

Psychological preparation wards away anxiety and gives you a good attitude, increasing your sales competence. In sports, the link between mental exercises and performance is well-documented, and it holds in sales as well. Here are some common tricks to boost your own confidence:

-Listening to music and dancing

-Bragging to yourself—reminding  yourself of who you are and what you do

-Disregarding all distractions; meditating

-Completing a ritual routine: special meal, short recreational activity, superstition, etc.

To boost other people’s confidence in you: Get An Edge

External preparation improves the impression you make on other people, directly boosting your chances of success. Studies of musicians reveal that both guided rehearsal and cosmetic preparation have positive effects on high-stress performance, findings that are applicable whether you’re a violinist or a salesperson. Here are some common tricks that prepare you to give a great impression:

-Walking yourself through the call

-Coaching or being coached by a colleague

-Wearing your best clothes

-Making sure you have good posture and a genuine smile

Rituals of both types can be helpful right before a particularly important sales call, or at the beginning of your day. Either way, don’t be ashamed of your pump-up traditions, no matter how strange they may be. It’s only weird if it doesn’t work, and for whatever reason, it actually does!

So, tell us: What rituals work for you?

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Written by Manpreet Singh


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