3 Ways to Show Your Gratitude This Memorial Day


This Monday is our chance to say thank you to the men and women who paid the ultimate price defending our country. Traditions of how to observe Memorial Day vary widely; some people go to the beach while others go to church. No matter what your plans are for the 25th, here are three ways to pay your respects to our fallen heroes.

Fly the Flag

Raising up Old Glory is a great way to show your respect for our lost soldiers – provided that your flag is maintained properly. As with all aspects of the American flag, there are rules for cleaning, storage, and presentation. If your flag is especially old or valuable (a family heirloom, for example), you may want to consider taking it to a cleaner for the best possible care.

Wear Flowers, Or Leave Some

The association of red poppies with Memorial Day comes from a 100-year-old poem, “In Flanders Fields.” There are two popular rituals involving flowers for the holiday. Some people wear a poppy, while others leave some on the grave of a loved one who served in the military. If you were not close to any deceased soldiers, you can still pay your respects at a military cemetery. Either way, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a florist.

Host a Community Gathering

One way to show your gratitude is to spend the day appreciating the communities that our soldiers gave their lives defending. Now that summer weather has arrived, a neighborhood cookout or block party is a promising idea. If you plan to observe Memorial Day this way, you may want to contact caterers, tenters, or other event-planning professionals for help.

As you can see, there are a multitude of ways to thank our servicemen and women who didn’t make it home. Many of these traditions are made easier with a call to a local service professional. To get in touch with cleaners, florists, and event planners near you for this memorial day, try TalkLocal.

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