Granny Pod: Multi-Family and Senior Living Solution


As baby boomers begin to retire, what will happen to them? Where will they live? Retirement villages, nursing homes, or their own homes? What does a child do when their aging parent can no longer live independently? “Move them in,” you say, but what happens if there’s no space for their parent in their home? Well, that’s where the granny pod comes in — granny flat if you’re Australian. Of course, I personally prefer the term  “auxiliary dwelling units for the elder gentlewoman or man of exquisite taste and resourcefulness”.

What’s a “granny pod,” you ask? It’s basically a tiny home but much cooler (and safer). They’re “tiny home”-like structures that can be placed in your backyard. Most contain a kitchenette, a bedroom that also functions as a common area, and a bathroom. It’s like a deluxe master suite right in your backyard.

What makes a granny pod different than a tiny home? Well, for one thing, they have a cooler name. They’re also equipped with a lot of high end medical technology. The MedCottage, for example, boasts additional features, such as a virtual companion, a lift, video system that monitors at ankle level (no granny peep show here), pressurized ventilation, and the floor is specially cushioned in case of falls. Basically, in comparison to the tiny house, it’s the cousin at the family reunion who always has the latest gadgets.

Sounds great and all, but what’s the catch? Well, there are a few restrictions. (You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?) For one thing, these auxiliary dwelling units can only legally house one person. Also, there are sometimes zoning law restrictions that prevent people from getting granny pods. So, always check to see if you’re permitted to have one in your backyard.

Oooh, I’m interested! How much does it cost? They cost roughly $125,000, give or take a few thousand. Before you freak out, some companies will buy back your granny pod when it’s no longer needed (approximately $40,000). Also, the average cost of an assisted living facility is $42,000 a year. At those rates, it practically pays for itself.

So basically, we say that the granny pod is the perfect solution to keeping mom or dad close and letting her or him maintain their independence. If you need to get your lawn in order so you can move mom or dad in, give Talklocal a call and we’ll connect you with a landscaper in no time.

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