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What to Do with Your Leftover Pumpkins

Monday, November 2nd, 2015


Halloween has come and gone and all you’re left with is leftover candy, the dread of the upcoming gift buying rush, and pumpkins…lots of pumpkins. Now, comes the question: what can you do with all of that leftover pumpkin? While the obvious answer is to throw them away, there are more productive, nutritious, and delicious things to do with each part of those gourds. Here are just a few ideas!

Warning: If a pumpkin has been carved and left out for 24 hours, they can be unsafe to eat.

Pumpkin Seeds

Well, pumpkin seeds are simple enough to recognize and do things with. First, you can the bake them and eat them because they are delicious and nutritious. Or you can choose to eat them raw or give them some salt for a bit of taste. They’re also good in brownies. Maybe after you taste them, you decide you aren’t a fan of the taste. That’s perfectly fine. If they’re not your thing, you can take them to your local park and feed them to the birds.

Pumpkin Guts

Sounds gross. Pumpkin guts are the annoying stringy bits that are attached to the pumpkin seeds. While there aren’t as many uses for them as the other parts, they can still be used to make pumpkin stock. Separate the guts from the seeds and then put them in a pot of water and boil it for about 30 minutes (or until the water changes color). After that, strain the guts from the broth and plan what you want to use your pumpkin broth for. Maybe a good soup.

Pumpkin Flesh

Another gross term but this is different from the guts. This is the part that’s on the inside of the shell and with it, you can turn the pulp into a puree and do all kinds of amazing things with it. To get to that pulp, cut your pumpkin in half and take out all of the seeds and guts (which you’ve probably already done for our first things). Afterwards, place the pumpkin (cut-side down) in a baking dish with about a cup of water then bake it for 90 minutes (or until the flesh is tender).Then, all you have to do is scoop out the flesh and puree it in a food processor.

Now, that you have that delightful puree, what can you do with it? Everything! You can use it for your pies, your butter and even pumpkin face masks which are great for your face because pumpkins are filled with zinc and vitamins A, C, and E.

Pumpkin Shell

And all that leaves is the outside which you probably already turned into a Jack-O-Lantern. With what’s left of the pumpkin, why not create a really cute planter for your garden? If the pumpkin’s been carved, pack the soil really tightly to ensure none gets out of the face. Best thing: out in your garden, the pumpkin will compost naturally and fertilize your garden. Just make sure you’ve removed all the seed otherwise you may end up planting something unexpected.If the pumpkin garden decor isn’t your style, just add it to the compose pile so that your garden can still benefit from the pumpkin’s nutrients come planting season.

Need more ideas? Here are plenty, the possibilities are endless. Was there a pumpkin leftover favorite that we missed? Comment and let us know.

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#BabiesVsPets Halloween Costume Contest

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015


There is only one thing as cute as a pet, and that’s a baby. Put a Halloween costume on either a pet or a baby and you have created an unstoppable monster of cuteness, capable of melting every heart in its path. Baby and/or pet plus costume equals the single-most adorable thing in the universe hands down. The only thing more difficult than not falling victim to the awe-inducing charms of a pet or baby in costume is deciding which one is cuter. What sociopath could possibly fix their minds to choose between cute babies and cute pets? The combined forces of babies and pets embody everything good, beautiful, and pure; a life without either would be unlivable. It’s like choosing between air and water. Yet, here at TalkLocal, we challenge you to do the unthinkable.  Pets and babies together in one costume contest, and there can only be one winner!

To vote: check out the hashtag #BabiesVsPets, the most adorable place on the internet. Retweet and like  as many sweet pet and baby pics that you like. Who could fall in love with just one?

To submit your pet, baby, or both: share your baby or pet costume pics with @TalkLocal and use the tag #BabiesVsPets.

To win: Get the most faves and retweets by Midnight Monday November 2nd, and you’ll win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Need some extra funds for Holiday shopping? Here’s an easy way to get it!

Of course, babies and pets are equally cute in different ways. Plus, the love that parents and pet parents have for their beloveds has a glow that no single picture can capture nor retweet or fave can express. This is just a fun way to celebrate the internet’s most powerful feelings-targeted weapon, and share in the pride of all the parents who have  invested time, energy, and money to make the sweet eye candy of costumed pets and babies possible.

Click here to submit or vote!


Five Super Fun Kids’ Crafts for Halloween

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015


It’s the final countdown to October 31st! Soon, you’ll need the mountains of Halloween candy ready and the kids will need to have their costumes primed and prepped. You’ll also probably need to put up a decoration or two. Now, how do you distract the kids long enough to get those things ready?

Well, to help keep the kids busy for a while and even get some cute (or terrifying) Halloween decorations up in time, here are five super fun kids’ crafts for Halloween that we loved on our Pinterest board:

Halloween Tin Can Bowling: What’s better than crafts for kids? Crafts for kids that continue to distract them afterwards, of course! This Tin Can Bowling DIY is child’s play, literally. Take about five or so tin cans and have the kids paint them to look like fun Halloween monsters. When that’s done, give your children some room and a small ball (no firmer or larger than a tennis ball) so that they can defeat their monstrous creations by bowling them over.

Black Sock Cat: Happen to have a black sock and don’t know what to do with it? Well, the kids can lay the sock flat, trim the ankle opening into a big C shape, then stuff the sock full of soft cottony filling. Afterwards, we recommend you being the one to sew it up. Add a cute ribbon,  some little button eyes, a triangle nose, and you have a new pet cat who is plushy, pawless, and will keep the kids entertained and the upholstery perfectly safe!

Handprint Witch: Hand painting is fun for the kids because it’s messy and it lets them personalize their art. Bonus, it helps you track their growth over the years and remember how little they once were. The handprint turkey is already popular in school, so why not adapt it to the Halloween season? The kids can turn their handprint into little witches. A green handprint, some orange paint for hair, a paper pointy hat, and whatever other witchy things they can think of.

Fuzzy Monster Snap Bracelets: This one is great because the kids can walk around with them and show them off to their friends. Pick up a fuzzy snap bracelet and some googly eyes. Put on as many eyes as you want (we say the more the better), then add some felt scraps for whatever special kind of monster your child wants to represent.

Halloween Garland: A Halloween garland is pretty simple to make. You’ll need various colored construction paper (orange, yellow, black, all the fun Halloween colors), then you cut them up and make them into whatever Halloween thing you want before you glue them to a long piece of string. Voila! Hang them up wherever you want them in the house, or even outside.

So, there you have it! If you have anymore craft ideas that you want to share or look for, then check out our Pinterest board. Also, don’t forget to give TalkLocal a ring when you need a professional to get some home projects done before the twilight hour.

Happy Halloween!

How To Carve A Pumpkin In 5 Steps

Monday, October 12th, 2015


We hate to love it, but it’s a cherished family tradition. Picking out scary or fun designs to draw (and trying not to mess up) and scooping out gross orange flesh. That’s right, it’s pumpkin carving! The actual process is a BIG pain – let’s admit it. But, the look on the kiddies’ faces when you finish makes it 100% worth it. So, that’s why we keep doing it.

Now, are you ready to carve some pumpkins? Here are our five steps to properly carve a pumpkin:

1. Cut off the top of the pumpkin. You can use a keyhole saw to cut it, but any serrated knife will do.

2. Hollow out the pumpkin by scooping out the insides (flesh, pulp and seeds). Any large-sized spoon or scraping tool will work. It is important to scrape some of the walls’ flesh because it thins the walls and makes carving a whole lot easier.

3. Draw a fun (or scary) design with a marker, or print out a template and tape it to the pumpkin. To trace the design, you can use a sharp tool like a nail or needle tool.

4. Remove the template (if you used one) and begin to carve out the design feature with the same serrated knife you used to cut off the top of the pumpkin. Tip: try to saw in short, back and forth movements. This will give you more control.

5. Place a candle inside. We recommend putting it in a glass or using a battery-operated light inside the pumpkin. P.S. If you use a candle, cut out a “smoke hole” in the back so the smoke from the candle can escape.

Voila! Your pumpkin is ready to go. If you’re worried about it turning brown before Halloween comes, you can apply a layer of vaseline to the outside of the pumpkin. You can also preserve the pumpkin by placing it in the fridge whenever you’re out of the house. We highly recommend doing both to keep your Jack O’ Lantern in good shape.

Make sure to check out our Halloween board on Pinterest for tons of pumpkin decoration ideas, creepy recipes, and scary DIY decoration ideas.

Happy Halloween!