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How To Fix a Kicked In Door (we don’t need to know why)

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Someone in your household has decided that life is too short to be stopped by a hinged block of wood and, as a result, has delivered terrible wrath upon your door. Whether you’re a frat boy doing damage control before your chapter’s president does his rounds or an irritated homeowner seeking to save money, you might be able to fix a kicked in door yourself – it just requires a bit of time and a few materials from your local hardware store. (If you’re the victim of a break-in, be sure to call the police before attempting to fix your door, as it might become evidence in a criminal investigation.)

Here are a few steps to restore your door to its former glory:

1) Obtain all the necessary materials. You will need a putty knife, diagonal pliers, a screwdriver, wood glue, clamps, chisel, 11/4-inch finish nails, a hammer, a set of nails, a putty crayon, and a stain marker. In some cases, you may also need replacement casing, and a miter saw…and it’s not a bad idea to get thick gloves for safety.

2) Determine specifically how your door has been damaged. Typically, a door is broken in by a kick landing just above the knob, which causes a split in the jamb (the part of the frame across the stop from the hinges) running up to the casing (the top part of the frame). Remove the casing with the putty knife and use the pliers to remove any remaining nails.

Door Diagram

3) Carefully remove any parts of the wood that are chipped off using the putty knife. If the casing is damaged, it must be replaced.

4) Look at the strike plate, the long piece of metal nailed into the frame around the lock. If the crack runs behind it or the strike plate is damaged, remove it using the screwdriver.

Strike Plate.png


5) If the jamb has been displaced, push it back to its original position and clean out any debris using the putty knife. If the jamb cannot be pushed together tightly, it must be replaced. Put the glue on the putty knife and spread it on the inside of the crack, and then push the sides of the jamb together with clamps until they fit together tightly. Let the glue dry for an hour, and then remove the clamps.

6) Screw back on the striker plate, if necessary.

7) Nail the casing back onto the frame with the nail set and hammer. Putty any holes with a putty crayon of matching color, and use the stain marker to color over where the jamb was split, after removing excess glue.

Of course, if you’re short on time or the damage is too extensive, head over to TalkLocal – we’ll help you find the perfect contractor without the research-schedule-wait headache.

How to Replace a Door Frame

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

How to Replace a Door Frame - Handyman

If your door frame has been damaged, you will need to replace it. If you wish to replace the door yourself, but do not know how, this article will help you learn how to replace a door frame. You will need a tape measure, 2×4 studs, a reciprocating saw, a hand saw (or circular saw), a hammer (or nail gun), 10d framing nails, a level, and a square.

How to Replace a Door Frame

1. Remove the casing, or trim, around the door frame. If you take it off carefully, you may be able to use it again.

2. Saw off the nails that are connecting the door and door frame to the wall.

3. Saw off the framing studs.

4. If you cannot reach the wall frame, take off some drywall/paneling on each side of the wall until you can.

5. Measure the new door you are putting in.

6. Make marks indicating the width of the new door you are putting in on the wall frame.

7. Measure the following distance from each of your marks (going out) and mark them as well: 3/8 inches, 1-7/8 inches, 3-3/8 inches.

8. Measure the height of your new door.

9. Make marks on the wall studs indicating the height of the door.

10. Saw a pair of studs so that they will fit between your width marks.

11. Place the studs on your 3-3/8 inch marks.

12. Use a hammer or nail gun to put framing nails through each side of your studs diagonally, so that they are attached to two boards.

13. Measure the space in between the studs.

14. Saw another stud, so that it is the same width as what you just measured.

15. Nail this stud to both of your previous studs.

16. Measure the space between the wall frame and the header.

17. Saw another stud to be the height that you just measured.

18. Put the stud in the middle of your header, vertically oriented.

19. Nail the stud to the header, and through the wall frame diagonally.

20. Saw off anything that is blocking your doorway.

Additional Help

If you need help replacing your door frame, you can contact a professional handyman to do it for you. With the help of TalkLocal, you can be on the phone in minutes with up to three high quality handymen in your area who will be available to be help you when you need them!