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Shopping for Sears Water Heaters

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Shopping for Sears Water Heaters - Plumbers

Water heaters often break down at the most inconvenient time, forcing homeowners to make quick decisions when purchasing replacement units. Fortunately, Sears offers many reliable models from trusted brands such as Kenmore, EcoSmart and GE. However, while it’s great these brands are easily available at the nearest branch of Sears, water heaters are not simple home appliances that you can buy without giving them much thought.

When you go shopping for Sears water heaters, whether for a replacement unit or a brand new one, consider the following:

Fuel Source  

What is more readily available in your home to fuel the water heater – electricity or gas? When it comes to gas fuel, propane gas, and natural gas are typically used to run water heaters. Do note that these gases have distinct properties so make sure to use only the fuel specified for use with a particular type of gas heater. Check that you choose a water heater that can safely operate on the specific gas source you have at home.

With electric water heaters, one of your main concerns is making sure your home has the correct type of electric circuit. These heaters normally run on either a 240-Volt or 120-Volt power supply. Determine the electrical circuit you have at home so you can choose the appropriate model.


Make sure you have enough space that will accommodate the water heater, its proper operation, and future servicing. Consider any potential space restrictions or special requirements for installing the unit. Keep in mind that gas water heaters must be installed in a vented room and should be located as close as reasonably possible to the chimney or vent, which should have the proper design and size. Meanwhile, electric heaters need to be connected to properly sized circuit breakers.


This is one of the most important considerations when shopping for water heaters. Hot water needs will naturally differ from one household to the other. Recommendations as to the correct capacity are typically based on the number of household members.

In general, a 170-liter tank electric water heater is recommended for a family of 4, 225-liter for 5 to 6 people and 273-liter for a family of 7 to 8. For gas water heaters, a 40-gallon tank is ideal for a household of 4 while a 50-gallon tank is suitable for 5-6 people and a 65-gallon tank for 7 people. If there are teenagers in the home, an oversized or whirlpool bathtub, it’s a good idea to go for the next bigger capacity tank.

Let a Professional Assist You with Installation

According to Sears, water heaters should always be installed to meet applicable installation regulations. Sears professionals and the company’s authorized contractors can help you with this. If you need help finding a qualified plumbing contractor, contact Seva Call now and we’ll connect you to up to three professionals in no time.