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Clean Dusty Curtains Maid Services

Curtains get dusty quickly for a reason – they divide the outdoors and the inside of your house. As the air shifts in and out of the house, the dust in the wind get caught and build up in the curtains over time. ┬áRead on to learn how to clean dusty curtains.

Cleaning your curtains using liquid and chemicals would surely clean off the dust off, but such tidiness comes at the cost of wearing out your curtains. So it is generally recommended that you dust off the curtains by using a vacuum cleaner, feather/static duster, etc.

When dusting off your curtains, start at the top of the curtains; this is so that the dust won’t fall into the parts you have cleaned already. You may also want to take out the curtain and take it outside to clean it. Dusting the curtain inside of your house could mean that the dust from your curtain is going to float around your house.

Concentrate on the folded areas in your curtains when dusting; these are the particular areas in which the flow of air gets trapped in, leaving the dust buildup. Straighten out the folded areas and dust carefully as to not get the dust on yourself. You might want to consider wearing a mask.

If you feel like you need to use water to get some of the larger dust particles off, make sure that the general area is dusted first – smaller particles of dust can smear into the curtain with water, leaving a mess.

Of course, don’t forget to clean both sides of your curtains. Dust can easily migrate between the rooms in your house, spreading out the mess. Take special care to clean out all curtains together if anyone in your house is allergic to pollens or dust.

Additional Help

If you feel like you need professional help to clean dusty curtains, TalkLocal can help with finding the correct local experts in this case, saving you time and energy in what may be a stressful situation.

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