Are Pesticides Harmful to Pregnant Women?

Are Pesticides Harmful to Pregnant Women? Pest Control

You love taking care of your garden, but you are expecting a baby. So you are wondering, are pesticides harmful to pregnant women?  Pesticides and other household chemicals can be toxic to everyone, but pregnant women are even more at risk.  There are pesticides harmful to pregnant women and their babies in many homes across the country.  If the proper precautions are not taken, particularly during the first trimester when the baby’s neural system is developing, overexposure to pesticides can increase the risk of certain birth defects and learning problems.  Read on for some basic rules of thumb for keeping your child safe from pesticides during pregnancy.

Before you start emptying out your garage and kitchen of every single chemical product, keep in mind that the greatest risk from pesticides is from being in contact with a large amount on a regular basis.  When birth problems from pesticides are observed it is almost always a situation in which the mother either worked on or lived very close to a big agricultural farm where large amounts of pesticides were being applied.  If you are in an area like that, or work at a job where you are regularly exposed to such chemicals, it is highly recommended that you remove yourself to a different location for at least the first trimester of pregnancy when the baby is most vulnerable.  Otherwise, pesticides in the home are still dangerous but unlikely to cause serious harm.  To be safe, pregnant women should avoid contact with pesticides whenever possible, having someone else apply them when they need to be used and avoiding the areas where they are applied.

Another potential cause for concern is pesticides that are commonly found in produce at the grocery store.  Produce should always be washed before eating it, but some poisons can penetrate the food and cannot be washed off.  There has not been a great deal of study on the effects of pesticides found in food on pregnant women, but it cannot hurt to try to avoid them.  Many doctors suggest purchasing organic produce as much as possible during pregnancy in order to avoid exposure through food.  This is not strictly necessary, but not a bad idea if you are worried about pesticide exposure.  In order to avoid this potential problem all together, hire a professional to take care of all your pest control needs during your pregnancy.  With TalkLocal, you will be connected to up to three highly qualified exterminators in your area within minutes.

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